Thursday, 21 April 2016

R - Rage

Rage is a manifestation of multitude of actions and emotions. What surprises and annoys me is how a rage can lead to a series of chain effects and disrupt and destroy our surrounding, peace and common mans life. With the recent events in Bangalore, it has been annoying to hear about few incident that led to injury of few innocent men and women. I fail to understand, why any form of protest must turn into violence. Since past few days , some sections of the city witnessed extreme violence and it was burning. I agree that common men may not be happy with the governments policies and we do have right to protest but why seek violence. During last day's protest against government's policy on  Employee's provident fund,employees of garment industry decided to protest which is a sign of democracy however while these protests few anti social evangelist did turn events hostile which led to injury of 24 people. What was the mob's point when they attacked a constable who was just doing his duty. A poor college student was accidentally hit by bullet who was just returning home after college. Mob pelted stones at passing vehicles and set fire to public transport, property worth crores has been destroyed in two days. It is public property, build using our tax money. By destroying public property we are actually putting our money to waste.

Protest of any form must be done without seeking violence or harming innocent men and women. Though policy makers may have revoked the policy which is for good but protesters have definitely left a lot of baggage which needs to be filled now. Its not just public property but have also disrupted few families and have painted a dark future for them. My prayers for people who have been injured and harmed in these recent events.