Friday, 15 April 2016

M - Mageirocophobia

Today's letter is M, and for M i chose Mageirocophobia - Fear of cooking. I was recently introduced to this word and i was elated that such word actually exists.

I am a big time foodie. I enjoy trying out various cuisines and relish good food, but i dont like cooking. So i guess i do have a mild version of Mageirocophobia. Cooking is always overwhelming and boring for me. I find it a waste of time to spend time in kitchen and spend hours together in putting up a meal which will vanish in few minutes.Rather than cooking i prefer to put my brain and time to something more intellectual and creative. Especially when one is working and is crunched with time, cooking seems to be more than a burden. However, with increase in waistline due to restaurant food and the bills that pile up, cooking doesnt seem to be a bad option if one is well prepared. Also. cooking makes one a more mindful eater as you keep tab on a how healthy food is. Cooking a dish yourself, let you decide and know what exactly is in it. Cooking in less than 10 min comes with practice, its just like driving. When one starts driving, you take it slow, but later you do start driving on highways as well. So cooking with perfection and cooking fast comes with practice and also some organization. To overcome this fear, this is what i try.

1) Constantly check on weight : I keep a tab on my waistline and weight, so his definitely motivates me to ensure what i eat and who can be a better planner than me myself.

2)Organization : Organization really helps. If your kitchen is well organized, then you definitely wont lose time in reaching out for ingredients. I usually have a tough time keeping things organized, so i have labeled boxes with all kitchen ingredients. It helps save some time.

3) Plan you meals : I 'am a weight watcher, so i plan my meals in advance and  actively use apps like healthifyme and myfitness pal to keep track of what i'm planning to eat. This helps me not only keep track of calories that i will consume but i can also plan my meals better along with tracking nutrients consumed.

4) Cook Together : Cooking with partner is definitely a motivation and also saves a lot of time. This also helps in spending some quality time together after a busy day.

5) Find supporters : Find people who are gracious enough to pick what you cook. Now, if you have a picky partner then this is going to be a challenge.

Above all this have an open mind, challenge yourself and keep trying.