Monday, 11 April 2016

I - Idiosyncratic

All of us are unique. All of us have that something special which makes us special. But, do we really know what is that special, unique thing in our life or about us. Answer to this is difficult and life is most of the times cruel and breaks us into pieces and tests us time and again to help us identify that special.
Many youngsters do have this challenge of answering this question or being confused about what they need to do or achieve in life. Many of us while young try hard to impress people around us to prove our worth but while trying to prove ourselves we somehow lose meaning in our own dwelling. Our uniqueness gets lost in trying to achieve unbelievable. Living in this competitive society makes us just like a robot and nothing more than that.
We do fail many times and get bogged down by our own thoughts, desires and dreams. We fail to realize in life that idiosyncrasies can only be unveiled when we have more experiences in life. To find that uniqueness we need to take risks, we need to challenge things and we need to explore more. All of us are unique,its just that we should stop binding ourselves and explore more in life. Have you found your idiosyncrasy.