Tuesday, 19 April 2016

O - Objectification

Movie is one of my favorite pastime and relaxation technique, but what makes me sick is female objectification in movies. Songs like Chikini Chameli, Sheela ki Jawani etc potray a very sad picture. If we look at most of the Bollywood movies, it is not just female objectification but also casting women less than men. To showcase men as macho, a female leads character in movies is always portrayed as helpless. Few examples being - a mothers role is only to be emotional or to be a cry baby, a sisters role is only to tie rakhi or get kidnapped by a villan, a heroines role is only to attract male lead and dance around trees and showcase her low IQ.

Though with modern movies, we have progressed a little but its only in terms of more powerful dialogues or more screen space. In 70's a female leads role was limited to being a tragedy queen or a Abla Nari ( Incapable women ), with 80's women entered offices or were cased as Sanskari Bahu's (Daughter-in- law with high morals ) and beeti's (Daughter). Today as well, we are at same stage. If we look at recent movie like Cocktail, Saif Ali Khan finally chooses modest Diana rather the free spirited Deepika, worst being Deepika at the end moves to soberness and goes with Indian outfits to impress Saif. A movie like Kick, where girl falls in love with an obsessed man. Who in sane world will fall for such men ? If we look at movie list, it just goes on. Women are not only objectified in cheap, derogatory songs but also not show as equal. If this is what we portray then what are we expecting our next generations to learn. We need to bridge the gap and show more of progressive side of society which will definitely help in avoiding another Nirbhaya.