Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K - Kooky

Today's letter is K. I had a lot on my mind today like K for kind , keen, kvetching and many more but what interests me is word KOOKY. says KOOKY is strange or eccentric. Eccentricity has always attracted me. Somehow I believe that there is a deep psychology behind it. Kookiness is not a characteristic or a habit which is inherent since birth. It is something that is acquired with time or sometimes it is just part and parcel of a moment. Here I list some of my kooky moments.

1) Gaming addict -The eccentricity with which i'm addicted to online games. I can't think of a day without playing "Clash of clans" or "Word with friends". The madness to acquire gold or points in these above mentioned games is just craziness and is only a moments happiness. I know it's an addiction but still I play like mad as if it's last.

2) Participating in numerous challenges - I like to challenge myself to an extent that I do invite fatigue. Random challenges like A-z writing challenge or 100 happy days or even challenging myself in B-school simulation assignments in spite of being overly burdened with work,home, family etc.

3) TV series or movie marathon - I can go crazy like hell if I get hooked to a series or movies. I can watch an entire series in just few days and I have done that. I have watched movies in a stretch, of course with required natural breaks :)

All these are just few kooky activities in my list. Would you like to share yours :)