Wednesday, 6 April 2016

E - Envy : My life

I live in an embellished land. This is a huge city, bustling with people, tall towers. Centuries ago, I lived a peaceful life, nobody bothered about me except for few people here and there. I was happily living here and there in their mind with no time constraints. I stayed in few hearts and had enough time for myself. I would focus on corrupting minds of my handful of slaves and my day would be spent just enjoying the luxuries of life. Oh!! What a beautiful life it was.

As years passed by world changed, people changed. There were people conquering lands, there were people who wanted to have their own ideal world. My job became more and more demanding. Society was getting divided into two sections – rich became richer and poor became poorer. I was slowly making home in more and more hearts. My empire was expanding. I enjoyed my popularity and started playing mind tricks aggressively. I ensured that people followed me more than ever and used my skills to strengthen their dark sides and achieve their ambitions. I fed their minds with the help of my friends; greed, hatred, ego and others from the dark world and led fanatics to destroy this world. I conquered land, lady and had enough glory on my crown. I started spending days and nights feeding my slaves, planning destruction with them and today I live in every heart in this city.

I have a big empire but I have lost peace, I have no time for myself. I see this destruction and feel ashamed sometimes. Some wise men conduct session to preach and help my slaves to overcome me. I fear that my empire will be lost, I fear those wise men and I fear those who have forgotten me. I wonder where this world is leading to. When I look at mirror sometimes, I can’t meet an eye with my own shadow. He accuses me of all destruction but I am just doing my job, angel bestowed me with. Will I diminish? No I wont, I don’t think so, these men are foolish enough and I can control them. I will survive for ages to come and grow my empire further and further. Some call me envy, some call me jealously, some call me nasty; whatever may be my name, I am here to survive.