Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P - Peaceful

Do you remember the last time you were at peace with yourself? When was the last time you asked yourself “Am I at peace today”  I ask myself this question everyday and my answer always is “Its all in the mind”. I swing like a sea-saw between war and peace everyday. My introspection made me realize that war and peace are two sides of same coin, with war comes peace and for peace to prevail we need to wage a war.

Everyday i search for peace while i'm driving or while i'm fixing a buggy code. My state of mind is always dependent on others behavior. My state of mind is driven by external factors and also is in a tussle with my own emotions. I get impacted by news channels and politicians greedy act and outburst on my close associates for no reason. Why do i always fail to understand that ignorance is bliss.

In our daily life we let peace fall time and again, if i introspect my life and answer  few grave questions like how many times have I been overwhelmed by my emotions and have lost my temper. Do I let my work, movies, newspaper, other behavior influence the way I think and feel? Have there been instances where I have regretted about my reactions and attitude ? Have I shouted at my family, friends for no reason. All the above listed is true for me, and I am letting peace fail, peace is falling and diminishing in my life. It is my own lack of skills in mind control that i'm falling prey to this. It is important that to let peace prevail in my heart, I should learn to keep balance before its too late and this erodes me of happiness. Peace is just a fraction away from that raging war in our hearts, we need to discover it , cherish it and protect it with a bag of detachment before its too late because "Nothing external to you has the power to take over you".