Monday, 4 April 2016

C - Carefree

When I think of word C, lot of things came to my mind: Confusion, Compassion, Cacophony but I chose to write about Carefree. I relate to this word carefree more than anything else. You might think I’m obsessed with word free; yesterday I wrote all about break free and today i'm writing about C for CAREFREE.

I have always been a serious achiever throughout my life, sometimes even an overachiever. Since I was little, I worked really hard to achieve excellent grades, get a good job, strive hard to impress boss. I always had goals set for myself and ensured I push myself hard to achieve them. Nothing has changed even today except for the fact that I have toned down a bit. Reason being many, firstly anxiety that I had to deal with. Worrying about trivial things made me anxious; ultimately I realized that it’s detrimental to health. Mind and body are interlinked; more obsessed we are with mundane things, more stress we are adding to our life. Consequence is always sleepless and restless night. Imagine reaching office and ending your day with mugs of coffee and caffeinating your body. It threatens not only health but ultimately success.

Secondly, being a perfectionist. It’s good to be a perfectionist but a perfectionist who can deal with failures and errors is even better. It was a hard way for me to learn that it’s ok to commit mistakes; one need not slog to be perfect; there is always a second time and a lot more. In order to achieve perfection, I need not break my bones and nerves. All this post trauma of going through being a perfectionist and overachiever led my way towards being carefree.

Now my friends, being carefree is not that easy. You need to constantly remind yourself that it’s ok to commit mistakes. Adding positivity to your life is also not joke, when you are the kind who always believes in criticizing more than appreciating. I realized that being carefree is also like taking baby steps. Ignoring all mundane things in life which are a constant source of worry, does help. Taking some "ME" time for self introspection is a great way to practice. Having goals and objectives in life with proper pre-planning is great but one also needs to have courage to laugh at failures and learn from mistakes. Happiness is always associated with oneself; we try to find it in our ambitions but however fail to understand that it is within us. Being carefree is the first step towards happiness. Don't take life so seriously that you ultimately forget to live life. Remember, life is beautiful only when you know how to deal with it and how to perceive it.Choice is yours.