Thursday, 21 April 2016

Q - Quintessential

Yesterday, was the day where i was confronted with bloggers block. I anticipated this day, as letters like Q , Y and Z caught my mind when i started with this challenge. Q has been the major one where i had pondered enough and still had no clue what to write. Finally, i could zero in on Quintessential. I would like to jot down my list of quintessential people who have impacted my life.

Firstly my mother, she holds a very important place in my life. All that i have learnt is more of a reflection of my mothers upbringing. She ensured that we as kids get all that she couldn't as a a kid, enable and nurtured us to be confident, patient and above all she blessed us with most powerful tool , the ability to decide. I started making decisions quite early in life, if it was not for her constant support and guidance i would not have achieved all that i have in my life today. She is like all mothers overprotective and constantly feared my safety but still always gave me the freedom to make my choices. Her constant mentoring has given me the ability to decide right and wrong and i am able to make sane decisions in life. My father as well left no stone to nurture me and my brother as kids, in spite of his travelling job and disconnect with our growing up years, he did add lot of value to my mothers upbringing with all time that he gave us. Though he spent less months with us in a year but still he used to fill up the gap by being their for important occasions and teaching us life lessons. Biggest lesson my father taught me is to never forget the life that we have left behind, place where we started. If you have reached a level in society then be grounded and give back to others in every form possible.Never forget your struggles and never hold pride for your achievements. I learnt how important it is to be hardcore and compassionate.

My friend Sangs , i met her while i started working and its been 10 years since we have known each other. I have learnt from her to live life to fullest, never succumb oneself to circumstances. Life is all about what you want and its not to be taken so seriously. I have admired her for strength, courage and for being there for everyone who needs her. Most delightful quality in her is sticking to the guns. I guess we hit the cord well and stuck to each other for so long because of our beliefs which sync in so well.

Lastly is my husband, my friend , foe, guide and also a scathing critique since last 6 years. He thought me to be above average and not just be a commoner. Taught me too look at life as a journey which needs to be explored, taught me to be little eccentric and not just shy away from anything new. Taught me that life is not just about accumulating wealth, bringing up children, investing in real estates and securing for life for our kids, but its also about spending it for experiences that are worth while as life is to be lived not for others but for ourselves and till we have life everything must be explored.

Blessed to have them in my life.