Friday, 1 April 2016

A - Amusing

Life always comes up with surprises, one minute it’s stuck, next minute it’s stirring like an impulsive breeze. When life is stuck, we are in a cobweb of unhappiness; however in that unhappiness as well we get amused with multiple things. While we walk down the street, talking on phone, conversing with a friend or even while working on computers. In this post I just list down some amusing things which I personally cherish.
  1.   Having a conversation with friend who rather than listening to my grave problem is more concerned about my grammatical errors. Dealing with friends who keep me on toes with vocabulary and grammar is always challenging, learning and amusing enough to have some wonderful and memorable fun conversations.
  2.  Answering an innocent kid is always amusing. When a three old asks you, where are babies supposed to come from? How to fly like a bird ?
  3.  When you turn 30, and someone asks how does it feel like being 30. Come on guys age is just a number, grow up. You are never too old to do anything.

This list will go on, because its only one life, so celebrate every moment and amuse yourself with everything that comes your way.