Saturday, 16 April 2016

N - Nostalgia

With Bangalore heat soaring up at 37°c, off late I have been nostalgic about my good old childhood days. We used to stay is North India and Bangalore being my maternal home town was a good escape from North India's cruel summer. I used to look forward for summers and it was my favorite season of the year. I like summers now as well but my only reason now is my love for mangoes. When I look back at my childhood,I had ample reasons to love summer.

Visiting Bangalore for summer vacations had plenty to offer. We used to walk everyday to Cubbon Park or Vidhan Sabha due to close proximity of these places to my grandparents house, now i can hardly think of walking down the street due traffic, extreme heat and also pollution. We kids would plan whole day our evening outing but popular Bangalore evening  rains would usually spoil our evening rendezvous with Commercial Street. Though disappointed with downpour but still I would enjoy the earthy smell and watch rain droplets everyday and help my grandfather in collecting rain water for plants. Yes, my grandfather believed in rain water harvesting in those days. I guess he had visualized where Bangalore was heading. Everyday evening rain was so common in Bangalore ,but now we just pray rain god to show some mercy.

Summer were also special because it was the only time in year when I would meet all my cousins ,aunts and uncles.Large family gathering at grandparents house, as everybody would comes down for vacations. We kids would spend nights and days chit chatting stories that would never end ,hogging mangoes & jack fruit as if we were all competing to eat as much as possible. All kids sleeping together in same room no matter whether bed was sufficient or not, we just wanted to stay together. Nights were longer and days would start early but our stories would not end. Everyday begging one or the other elder to treat us with ice cream after lunch. If today it's uncle A then tomorrow it would be Aunt C. Renting cycles for learning or just for fun was our vacation hobby, random games and hobbies would just end after vacation,

Life moves on, but what remains is memories which we create. Today, Bangalore has moved ahead and has changed more than expected. Once the garden city & retirement paradise is now IT hub of India, bustling with vehicles, people, tall towers busy flyovers. Everything has changed but what remains is memories, one can only have nostalgia with the past.