Saturday, 2 April 2016

B - Breakfree

We live in a free society but, are we really free ? We claimed independence from our powerful oppressor long ago but still we are enslaved to many things around us. We have enslaved ourselves to our own beliefs, expectations, past, culture and most important society. Truly speaking, we are not free. Most of the times, our life is not based on free choice. We ignore our passions, desires and chose what society wants us to be or we ignore our talents due to sheer lack of confidence and fail to see the path of excellence. Sometimes society and sometimes our own mental construct prevents us from achieving things in life.

Fear of being ostracized from society, community always hinders one from taking free choices in life. Similarly, fear of failure prevents us from taking risks or following unknown paths. Even if we are fiercely independent, we still find ourselves enslaved to above mentioned aspects. All of us are interested in discovering ourselves which definitely requires us to challenge our inner enslavement. If we really want to break free then questioning things around us is the only solution. For Example - In few societies, girls usually have a lot or pressure to get married early in life. Late marriages are questionable and families are shunned if they do not follow societal norms. However, such families and societies fail to understand that they are curbing somebody's talent, they are clipping their daughters wings by pushing them to life of marriage when girls are actually not ready. If such girls who have dreams and aspirations, question their families and do not follow the societal trend then they have actually broken the barrier and have discovered themselves. Breaking free in life is all about going through the unknown, coming out of your inner fears and disabling all mental constructs.

Take a moment to honestly review your life and look for aspects which you felt were wrong but never questioned them.Question them today and break free it for generations to come.