Saturday, 9 April 2016

H - Headstrong

God made both man and woman, but he never said that woman must only cater to duties of kitchen and man should look for work outside home.World has changed, centuries have passed by but we still label woman with names based on prejudices. In this stereotypical society, we do come across parents who teach their daughters to be accommodating and at the same time encourage their boys to prove their masculinity by showing their strength. We teach boys to be ambitious and headstrong, to mask their fears and to be the bread earner of the house but tell our daughters, not to be egoistic or have high ambitions, as it may harm their married life. If a girl is obstinate and headstrong, its frowned upon. If a women in strong and speaks her mind, she is considered cold. Society labels them with unwanted names but doesn't realize that a real women must be head strong who can pick herself up when there are broken pieces in her life. A real women is one who can stand up for herself and show the world that she is no less than a man