Saturday, 2 April 2016

A-Z challenge for April 2016

Everybody needs a little push. Sometimes it is  in the form of self motivation and sometimes it is ignited by challenges thrown by our surroundings or by people around us. I have been blogging for almost a year now but at snails pace. 17 posts in one year , not bad i guess. Few days back i saw a post on Facebook which said blogging challenge. This challenge requires one to post everyday during the month of April barring Sundays. Yipee.. i get 4 days off from my blog page.

Now this is really interesting and challenging, participants need to post each day using a letter from A to Z in sequence. What else can i ask for ? The ultimate push that i needed to add more posts to my blog and on top of that i also get some starting point. 26 letters and 26 posts in a month. This is my first time at this challenge which has a history of 7 years and i'm here to survive. Wish me luck.

I have decided that my posts starting from A to Z will be collection of emotions, state of mind which i truly relate to and believe in.