Tuesday, 5 April 2016

D - Deep Thought Process

D is definitely DTP for me which is the short form of "Deep Though Processing". This three lettered acronym was derived by me and my husband during our dating days. Let me start with why it was required.

Usually, when a relationship starts its all sugar coated, all rosy. You start think that you are in the dream world with a perfect partner but reality starts sinking in only after some three to fours months. This is the stage when you get into the mode of DTP. Doubts and questions keep popping in your mind. Is he/she right for me ? Is there a future ? Should we really continue ? All these sorts of questions keep popping up and you also tend to start making a list of pros and cons of being in relationship with that person. This phase is not uncommon for young unmarried couples and also for married one who are is a rocky relationship. Like all sane humans, we also did have phases in relationship which were rough and patchy. It was in those phases that we both always relied on DTP to analyze and scrutinize the situation further. DTP really helped on sealing our bond further. We would individually think what went wrong, list down all pros and cons and then confront each other to come to a conclusion. These DTP exercises really helped us to survive in long distance relationship for 4 years and finally we are married. We use it today as well in our married life. Key to successful relationship is to never keep any arguments open, and never sleep angry :)