Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Sunday Treat

Sundays have always been special, irrespective of me being a kid or an adult. One day at the end of the week which i have always prayed and waited for. As a kid, it has always been those special moments which i cherished with my grandfather. On Sunday's i would spend my entire day with him, helping him gardening. He would teach me all about plants and how to rear them. His garden had most exotic roses which he would crossbreed. Our evenings, would be spent walking all the way till park and we would discuss all about plants, my day at school, my teachers and everything. I still have fond memories of all moments shared with him.

As we grow old and move into teenage years, the bond that we build during childhood with our elders somehow gets lost while we are busy defining ourselves; defining our identity, our thoughts and our beliefs. We no more like their bedtime Jataka stories or holding their hand while walking down the street. Every teenager goes through this confused phase where conflicts with elders be it parents or grandparents is just usual.

Our adulthood is no better, where we start building our career. The pressure of proving ourselves at workplace, keeping our better halves happy and raising our children often makes us forget our own roots. Running behind making everybody's life better we tend to forget to include them in our daily life. To cover up all those moments which we couldn't share with them, we tend to please them with innovative gifts. We gift them fancy gadgets, exclusive romantic trips or employ people to serve them so that they can live peacefully. But, Is this what they want ? Does it really make them happy or Are we just trying to please them with the power of money ?

Elders in our family have lived a very simple life. We can not impress them with fancy objects and ask them to forget all those moments when we couldn't be with them. What they really need is our love, care and most important our time. Spending few hours in a week with them would be the best gift ever that we could give to the elders in the family. Elders have a lot to offer, their life experiences and few words of wisdom can help us grow personally and professionally. In turn, we can also help them by making them our friends and letting them know that we are there for them.

If i can think of spending my most precious day of the week then, my best Sunday treat would be to relive my childhood moments with my grandfather, spend a day with him, take him for a walk, help him with his gardening, play a game of scrabble or visit his favorite place and let him know that i'm still his princess, the same 7 year old who loves to hold his hand and walk down the street. I would want him to feel special because...

Grandfather is a special gift,
Of love that's deep and true.
He is always standing by,
To guide and comfort me.

He has this auspicious strength,
To keep me safe from harm.
Yet I can feel the softness,
Of his gentle grace and charm.

With his wrinkled skin and week eyes,
He is filled with adorance and is wise.
He understands my hopes and dreams,
And helps, make them feel worthwhile.

He is always in my heart,
Wherever i may go.
That's why i love him so.

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