Friday, 8 May 2015

Change Begins At Home


Are household chores only a women’s job? Well, I’m not trying to be a feminist here, but just trying to emphasize on this fact that our society has divided certain set of tasks for both men and women. They are not relevant in this 21st century, however many societies across the globe are still under the stereotypes that household chores are meant only for women and outdoor chores for men. Even though the world is changing and women are contributing more to the household earnings, still the entire responsibility of household chores lies on the shoulder of so-called weaker sex. It’s a harsh reality that working women have to spend extra time on completing chores apart from work, whereas men are expected to relax after a day’s work.

In this stereotypical society, we do come across, to be mother in law’s looking for a bride for their son who is proficient in cooking and is also well educated. Parents who teach their daughters cooking and cleaning but not their son’s. We as parents preach our boys to prove their masculinity by showing their strength but tend to teach girls to be shy and accommodating to others needs. We teach boys to be ambitious, to mask their fears and to be the bread earner of the house but tell our daughters, not to be egoistic or have high ambitions, as it may harm their married life. In this entire ordeal, we entirely forget that, it’s we who make our boys emotionally weak by compelling them to be strong, making their ego's fragile and at the same time teaching our girls to deal with these fragile egos.

It is a fact, that higher we go up in the professional ladder, there are fewer women, not because women are not capable but because we as parents don’t teach our kids to share the load in spite of their gender. It is important that to look for a happier world, a world with fairness and a world where both men and women are equally happy, we need to change our attitude towards raising children, rather than focusing on gender-based roles while upbringing children, we need to focus on the ability of a kid rather than gender, we need to focus on the interest of a kid rather than gender, we need to focus on teaching them how to share the load. To bring change in society, start with a change at home, start with sharing the load because it's we who can make a change.

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association withAriel.”

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