Monday, 4 May 2015

Before I Kick The Bucket

Life is short and uncertain. In this life full of ambiguity, I have found solace in my big list of things to do before I die. I wish to strike each one of them before i kick my bucket.

  1. Speak at a conference as big as Tedx.
  2. Learn to swim
  3. Pursue dancing
  4. Master the art of star gazing - Amateur Astronomy
  5. Travel all over the word :D
  6. Trek to Himalayas
  7. Visit Valley Of Flowers, India. Namaqua national park, Africa, :( I missed it though I was in Africa)
  8. Visit Egypt
  9. Maintain my blog, and write what is worthwhile.
  10. Be a change in someone's life
  11. Run a marathon
  12. Reach an ideal weight and maintain
  13. Pursue a management course
  14. Theatre
  15. Volunteering
  16. Skydiving, Paragliding
  17. A solo trip
  18. A cruise trip
  19. See my brother handling his kids :)
  20. Learn to ride a bike 
  21. Paint on a canvas, something real good. No crap :)
  22. Own a house with a big garden and a pet :D :D
  23. Scuba diving

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