Friday, 11 September 2015

Man In The Mirror

I wrote this way long back while at school and hence it may sound bit naive. As this blog is all about my reflections on life thought i should just add this piece here.

Today after years of struggle Rahul had achieved what he wanted. He was amongst the top real estate builders in city. In his struggle for riches , he had left behind many reputed brands and today Capital Group was at its peak. He came back home after a grand celebration at "The Leela Palace", where he was declared as businessman of the year. It was a day, which he always dreamt of and today it was a reality, but somewhere his heart ached, he was not comfortable and could not relate to this strange feeling.

He went to the mirror and looked at himself, in all these years of struggle there was a constant war that he had with himself, it was his own roots. His upbringing, had rooted values like honesty and truthfulness which no more existed. He had left behind all of them, to be a king today. His entire empire was standing on the molds of deceit and corruption. He had battled with all his deep rooted values to reach this peak and this war with himself had killed an innocent small town guy.

He was a king in front of the world but the man standing in front of him , his own image had lot to say. Today, It was his verdict that counted the most for him. He realized that it was, him he had to please and not the world. There was a time when he used to be happy and feel peaceful with all small things around him. A small help to his villagers would shower lot of blessings and his day would be made. However, today though he was a king, there was an emotional turmoil , which would just not subside. There was no peace and he could only think of one thing. He knew today ,that he could fool the whole world and get pats on his back but the final reward is only heartache and tears, as Rahul in the mirror was not his friend any more. He had failed in this most difficult and important test of his life by cheating the man in the mirror.

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