Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Day Before Christmas At Toastmasters

It's a day before Christmas and all of us have gathered here.
Some of us panic and some of ur fear.
Club banner is up, and board is all decked.
Hoping, that some blabber would soon be there.
The audience is warm all snuggled in their chair.
As we prepare for rest of the affair.
President Santhosh with Gavel, eh and ums Prashant with his pen.
All prepared in our toastmasters den.
Here I see that Grammarian Nagashree is staring back at me,
All ready to suggest few the's.
Vivek the timer is full on and Aved is ready to count all laughs down.
All our manuals are ready for our VPE, hope he signs and we get our CC
There I see our GE Niranjan, ready to lash out at me.
And poor Vanitha is cramming for her CC
It's the day before Christmas  and still we are here to blabber and cheer.
I have fellow toastmasters who are loyal and social
and besides they allow me to be cheerful and boastful.
May all my friends have a wonderful day tomorrow,
as we celebrate this day before Christmas.
With all joy and cheer.

An abridged version the poem "Twas the night before Christmas" dedicated to all members of my club Siemens Bangalore Toastmasters

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