Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Toastmasters Project CC 2 : "Fall Of Peace"

CC2 - Organize Your Speech

Speech Objectives

- Select an appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand your speech.

- Make your message clear, with supporting material directly contributing to that message.

- Use appropriate transitions when moving from one idea to another.

- Create a strong opening and conclusion.

Time allotted: 5-7 min

Fall Of Peace

Throughout Mahabharata; Lord Krishna tries to explain that war and peace are two sides of the same coin. With war comes peace, and for peace we need to pursue a war. Pandavas had to get into a battle with their own relatives to attain peace for the next generations. Today as well, in this modern society we live in a similar state of life. Let me give you few examples.

It is said that peace is a state of mind, We are either at war or at peace based on our own minds makeup.

Every Monday at 6 Am we wake up fighting the war of the week in our head. Our boss is going to stand over our head  asking for all status updates for the next five days and there is nothing we can do apart from just imagining a bomb explosion at office or demolishing the whole block and waging a war against him. With all this chaos in or head, we do find peace when we listen to the soothing morning raga’s or when we finish our morning prayers and try to let all the war drain out of our mind.

Then at 8 AM , peace and calm is all in our head, we step out of the house, but soon we are thrown back to reality that peace is only a state of mind, when a rough biker cuts us from nowhere and suddenly those starred words start coming out of your mouth. The war begins. A few streets later, we see a big traffic jam. People around us are honking continuously and soon we also join them. By the time we reach office, we have actually waged a whole war against everybody on the street. We forget that we should not let others behavior affect our inner peace. Early morning hours we lose our peace of mind by getting into these petty battles.

Certain times it also happens that we want to have a war of words with someone, but we opt to remain peaceful. Like at afternoon 2 PM, when we finish our lunch and get back to your desk to fix that buggy software, the phone rings. Honestly, raise your hands if you can ignore that call from your better half, I cannot. Perspiring and shivering we pick up the call and squeak out a meek hello like a rat. We get to know that coming weekend will be a great shopping extravaganza as our in-laws are visiting us. Now in this situation, you want to growl and shout but being a wise person you tend to use sweetest of words and say " Of course sweetheart! It's my pleasure, your parents are my parents". But at the back of your mind, you want to shout loudly and say “ What the hell, why do they have to keep coming every other week". Again peace is a state of mind. Keeping your better half happy is half the battle won. Be diplomatic if you want to have a happy married life.

Retired parents have great affinity towards news channels, so when you reach home at 7 PM rather than with a plate of cookies and a cup of coffee you are given a thunderous welcome by Mr. Arnab's ear-splitting voice. What can a common man like us, do in this situation. Peace is the state of mind. Even lord Buddha would have found it difficult stop him. Such cases you can't do anything, so just believe that ignorance is bliss and learn to accept it.

With few instance like these which surround us in our day to day life, it's basically we, who lack in skills to control our mind that we end up as scapegoats in this battle between war and peace, where  peace keeps falling time and again. To let peace prevail it is important that we keep a balance. Peace is just a fraction away from that raging war in our hearts.we need to discover it, cherish it and protect it with a bag of detachment. As Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said " Nothing external to you has any power over you ".

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