Tuesday, 16 February 2016

9 Fun Ways To Celebrate V-Day!!

Valentine’s day is around the corner, the whole world is preparing for the V-day. Many of us think of spending big bucks at fancy restaurants or prefer holidaying at exotic resorts. Though fancy and expensive ideas really attract us but are they the best choices available to express our love for each other. Do we really need to drain our pockets to showcase our love and care? Love is said to be beyond all kinds of materialism, it is supposed to be pure and powerful. Lets look at how we can make this Valentine day more fun filled and at the same time be romantic.

1) Step up : Dancing together can be the most sexiest and romantic of all activities that a couple can do. Just turn on your favorite music, brace yourself and indulge in some ballroom dance. Dance together like mad until you are content. You don’t need lessons to dance in your living room.

2) DIY Gifts: Prepare a homemade gift. Make a video of your best memories or a large photo frame which could be hung on the wall.

3) Exotic dinner: Eat at home, prepare your favorite meal together. Arrange for a candle light dinner and prepare your entire dinner table and room just like an exotic restaurant. Use scented candles and romantic lights.

4) Recreate you first date: Remembering your first date and reliving it can always bring back those cherishing moments in life. Do all that you did on your first date.

5) Romantic Movie date : Create a cozy atmosphere with few pillows, a cozy blanket, your favorite snacks and watch your favorite romantic movies one after another like Titanic, Notebook, Casablanca, Gone with the wind etc.Make it a movie marathon. It will bring back all romance in your life

6) Play Games: Compete with each and play games, make it a game night. Play games like Scrabble and use only V-day words. A healthy competition spice ups your love life.

7)Valentine with kids: If you are one of those who can't leave their kids, then don't shy away from celebration instead involve them in valentines day activities that you plan. Get them make a card for you and involve them in your Valentine’s Day dinner preparation. You will enjoy as a family and also will help kids learn the importance of relationship

8) Adreline rush : Plan to do few adventure activities together like Scuba diving, sky diving , paragliding etc. An adrenaline rush can be a long lasting memory.

9)A romantic getaway : Traveling together can be one of the best experiences, chose one of the peaceful hill stations and spend time in each others arms admiring nature.

Here's wishing all a Happy Valentine's Day.

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